Leather shoes are an unavoidable part of a man’s footwear collection. Whether you like a sporty look or a casual look, you cannot resist a pair of good-quality leather shoes. You might feel comfortable in leather slippers, but to get a respectable look for formal occasions, you need right dress shoes. Genuine leather is durable, comfortable and classy, which make it very expensive also. So, you cannot afford to buy a wrong pair of leather shoes and then regret your decision.

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Buying perfect dress shoes is an art, which only a few people know. While buying leather shoes, you don’t just have to look at the design or the color; there are numerous other factors for selection of a perfect pair of dress shoes. There is no use of wasting money on expensive leather shoes which don’t go with most of your formal collection. There are a few factors you need to keep in the mind to ensure selection of the best dress shoes that give you a representable, classy and stylish look at every formal occasion. Here are some tips to make shopping of leather formal shoes easier and effective for you.

Leather quality: To ensure that you buy the best quality of leather shoes, you should be able to differentiate between the pure leather and the replica. Touch and aroma of the shoes are some of the factors that can help you choose the right leather. If a pair of shoes feels like plastic on touching it and smells like chemical, don’t buy it. Pure leather shoes feel as soft as silk and have the aroma of polish or the leather.

Heel: This is another factor that has a huge impact on your look. Never buy shoes that have more than 3CM heel, if you are more than 5 feet. It will spoil the complete look of a dress and make you a laughing stock at the event. No matter how beautiful is the design, high heels can spoil the complete look.

Silhouette: Shoes can look great only when paired with a right suit. You cannot expect a perfect look by teaming up slim-fit shoes with a baggy suit or vice versa. The right choice is to buy a pair of shoes that compliments the silhouette. If you get confused between different options, it is better to take a second opinion from the friends or the family member.


Online shopping for the leather shoes:

Buying leather shoes from online stores needs more caution as the quality might differ from the image. Further, you don’t get an opportunity to touch and feel the quality of leather. So if you want to buy leather shoes online, make sure you do it from a reliable and reputed store. Reputed stores give utmost priority to their brand image and never deal in inferior quality products. It also gives you the assurance of the best pair of dress shoes that look equally amazing in every formal outfit.


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